PLC Simulator Online Release V0.1


Recently we have published the first release of PLC Simulator Online. Here is what you can find:


Variable section.

In this section of PLC Simulator Online, you can add new variables. Two types are available at the moment: Bool and Timer. You can also monitor existing variables in real-time if you turn ON the Simulation.

Editing and deleting variables are no available yet, but we are working on it. 😊



You can use Toolbox to add ladder logic elements to the diagram. Select the network that you want to add an element to and click or tap on the symbol. The new item is automatically selected and can be edited by clicking or tapping the pencil icon in the Actions section. Currently available ladder logic elements:

  • Contact - normally open and normally closed
  • Coil – we are working on set/latch and reset/unlatch
  • Timer - only Timer ON Delay (TON) available at the moment. TOF and RET timers will be available shortly
  • Branch
  • Rung


Rung with elements.

Diagram Rungs are areas where you can create ladder logic. Drop new elements using Toolbox and move them around by using arrows from the Actions section. Soon we are planning to add rung comments.


Actions section.

By using buttons from the Actions section, you can delete and move elements and rungs. Using the pencil button lets you edit the selected item.

Element edit popup.

The last button allows you to start the Simulation. In this mode, you can no longer edit elements.

Edit pencil icon disabled, stop simulation button.

Instead, you can preview signals in Ladder Logic Rungs.

Rung simulation On.


In the footer, you can find a link to our website, which will tell you more about the project. You can also help us to develop our application by completing the survey.


In the top-right corner of PLC Simulator Online, you can find a help button that starts the quick intro to the application.

Help button.

All this available on any device equipped with an internet browser!

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Written by Szymon "Dagryl" Palczynski, who lives in West Ireland, programming industrial machines and helping others to learn Programmable Logic Controllers