PLC Simulator Online Release V0.2


Yesterday we published the new version of PLC Simulator Online. Here you can find a list of all the changes.

UX changes

We made many changes to improve user experience.

Overflow for Variable Table and Diagram for better display on mobiles

Variable Table and Diagram windows have now fixed size with overflow added for better navigation. The toolbox and action bar is now fixed in the same position.

PLC Simulator Online overflow example.

Rung and branch highlight when selected

Ladder Logic components are now highlighted blue when selected.

PLC Simulator Online component select highlight example.

Highlight rung power rails, branch, and wire when simulation on

All elements are now highlighted green when on. Highlight clearly shows the path of the signal to help better understand Ladder Logic.

Simulation component highlight example.

Highlight element variable red if not configured

When the element variable is not selected the name is highlighted with red colour.

Element not selected variable highlight example.

Assign variables warning popup

Assign variables to all red highlighted elements! popup will appear if you try to start simulation without configuring all items.

Disable simulation when editing the ladder diagram

If you tap or click on any of the Toolbox or Action Bar elements, the simulation will turn off.

New elements

We added four new elements. More is coming soon.

Two new timers (TOF, TONR)

We added Start off-delay timer (TOF) and Time accumulator (TONR) that you can select through element properties.

Start off-delay timer (TOF) example.

Start off-delay timer (TOF)

Time accumulator (TONR) example.

Time accumulator (TONR)

Counters (CTU, CTD)

We also added Count up (CTU) and Count down (CTD) counter.

Count up Counter (CTU) example.

Count up Counter (CTU)

Count down (CTD) Counter example.

Count down Counter (CTD)

Code improvements

We made two significant changes that you won’t be able to see directly in PLC Simulator Online.

JS to TypeScript

We refactored the code from JavaScript to TypeScript. That will help us to easier catch bugs and improve your experience.

Performance improvement

We also improved the cycle scan performance. The cycle scan is fixed to 66ms, but some scripts required more than 50ms. We were able to reduce that time to 15ms in most cases.

PLC Simulator Online Roadmap

We hope you like the changes. To see what you can expect in the future please take a look at the project road map.

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Written by Szymon "Dagryl" Palczynski, who lives in West Ireland, programming industrial machines and helping others to learn Programmable Logic Controllers