PLC Simulator Online Release V0.4


Couple of days ago we released new version of PLC simulator. Below is the list of all new features.

Progressive Web Application

PWA allows user to install a web application on supported mobile and desktop, giving native app experience. In simple words, you can add the icon to your mobile home screen and enjoy PLC Simulator Online as any other app installed from the mobile store. You can use PCL simulator even when you are offline.

Advantages of PWA are:

  • Ability to run offline
  • High performance
  • An icon on the phone‘s home screen


You can now undo and redo taken actions. History of 100 actions is available.

Positive and negative edge contact

Two new contact elements are added - positive and negative edge.

Positive edge detects the rising edge signal change in the address from 0 to 1 and sets element output high for one cycle. Negative edge detects the falling edge signal change in the address from 1 to 0 and sets element output high for one cycle.

Set/reset coils

Two new coil elements are added - set and reset.

When the rung condition is true, the set coil instruction sets the data bit to true. The data bit remains true until it is cleared, typically by a reset instruction. If the rung condition is changed to false, the set instruction does not change the status of the data bit.

Move function

Instruction moves Input parameter to Output parameter.

Separate UI for desktop and mobile devices

PLC Simulator Online was designed with mobile devices in mind. Now we have more data from the users, and we can see that over 85% of traffic comes from desktop. This is why we decided to separate mobile and desktop user interfaces.

In the future, we will implement drag and drop functionality on desktop browsers and display variable values on ladder elements.

New variable table

With the new variable table users can now delete and rename vairables. In the future you wil also be able to sort columns.

What’s next for PLC Simulator?

The simulator is still missing sharing feature so we could not call it version 1.0 yet. In the next few weeks, we will focus our resources on that functionality.
CodingPLC goal is to work as a learning platform, and having the possibility to share ladder solutions is the top priority.

If you want to learn more about the future of the PLC simulator, please take a look at the updated roadmap.

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Written by Szymon "Dagryl" Palczynski, who lives in West Ireland, programming industrial machines and helping others to learn Programmable Logic Controllers