PLC Simulator Online

Learning Ladder Logic was never easier than now!

PLC simulator online answers the lack of simple and free Programmable Ladder Controller coding application. We are working on a tool you can use to improve and share your programming knowledge.


Even though today you can use the functional product, we are still looking to upgrade the simulator. Please check the roadmap and feel free to share your suggestions on our Discord server.

  • Basic ladder elements (contact, coil, branch)
  • Timer, counter, math operations
  • Undo, redo, PWA
  • Save diagrams through a link
  • Youtube tutorials
  • Drag and drop on desktop
  • UI redesign to display variable state on ladder elements


Open your browser and start coding. It was never that easy.

The most straightforward application on the market. Available on PC and mobile devices. You need just a browser. Currently, we are working on video tutorials that will soon be available on our YouTube channel.


Test your ladder logic instantly.

You don't need to have a real PLC to test your code anymore. You don't have to configure the controller. As soon as your ladder diagram is ready, click on the simulate button and see how the program is executed. Change input states and monitor outputs.

Share it!

Sharing is caring.

The main purpose of creating PLC Simulator Online was a possibility to exchange diagrams. Save your code in the database, and you will receive a link that you can easily share with your friend or college professor. Publish your ladder logic online and ask for feedback. Share your solutions to teach others.